Difficult to believe that WSC has come to an end for this season.

Talent show part 2 took place on the 15th. Once again, some astounding world class acts performed by teenagers.

Then…the closing ceremony started. Watching the passion shining from kids’ faces as their country’s flag was paraded really tugs at the heartstrings.


BESA achieved well. More or less 3 gold medals & 13 silver medals were awarded to our learners during a frenetic awards ceremony. At least 14 WSC staff man the tables. They hold strings of medals over one arm, while categories are read out. Names, schools & team numbers are flashed onto an overhead screen, so scholars are watching, listening, cheering & moving up & down auditorium stairs to receive medals in a constant, noisy, excited stream. A comprehensive list of prize winners will be e-mailed to BESA within a few days.


On the 16th, last minute shopping & exploring took place before making our way back to the hotel to be bused to the airport. We also managed to get drenched in a sudden Cape rainstorm.

The flight was full, but early, and our hearts were gladdened by the applause of families awaiting our arrival at OR Tambo.

Thank you WSC, thank you scholars, thank you parents, thank you Mr B. This has been a wonderful, exhausting, inspirational week. Memories were made, friendships formed and intellects flexed.

From WSC 2017, au revoir!

Rose André