Sunday 13 August

Today dawned clear and bright. Chilly early in the morning, and warm throughout the day.

We have been making use of a bus, laid on to convey scholars from designated hotels to the Convention Centre. The bus leaves from 4 blocks away and has certainly cut down on the distances walked through ‘unsavoury’ territory.

This morning the bus dropped us at the Convention Centre for the next set of events. After the alpaca distribution process, students participated in the Scholars Bowl. This sees teams answer really challenging questions via a ‘clicker’. Once again, knowledge of learned subject material, as well as lateral thinking skills are tested. The Scholars Bowl stretches over several exhausting hours. Followed by the Debate Showcase where scholars from the higher scoring debate students are placed in teams to take part in a debate on stage. Absolutely awesome!

After lunch we were treated to an international talent show wherein scholars could choose to showcase their talents in a broader sphere. Our very own Chanté was one of the class acts. Beautiful singing Chanté – you’re a STAR!


Sleep sweet everyone. Au Revoir!

Ps. Alpacas are the WSC mascot. The plain coloured alpacas are all named ‘Jerry’ and the striped alpacas respond to ‘Skittle.