…and… the pace is frenetic! On the morning of the 11th, we occupied one of the conference rooms at CTICC with close on 500 delegates from around the world. Razzmatazz opening ceremony!!! The keynote speaker was a 19 year-old Psychology major from Yale – inspiring!

After lunch, all the scholars were split into groups of about 15. No two from any school were in the same group. These groups went on a scavenger hunt at V&A Waterfront. There they took photos, filmed themselves singing & hunted their ‘treasures’. Literally dozens of tasks to undertake.

It was a privilege to watch events unfold. What I saw gave me such hope. Close on 500 children were able to transcend language barriers, cultural differences & diverse backgrounds in order to plan & co-operate the success of their tasks. Proof of these was uploaded to the WSC Facebook page for points to be awarded. The lessons in teamwork, however, far outweigh the value of the tasks undertaken. That was the real ‘treasure’ – priceless!

Mr Bowker & I were reunited with the BESA kids at GOLD restaurant in Greenpoint. Much eating, drumming, face-painting & socialising later, we returned to Inn on the Square for some much needed sleep.

Till next time – au revoir!