So, I’m going to start the blog off with a story of what happened to me yesterday during the Scholar’s Scavenge. Jeremy, a guy I met in my group stood next to me and said that he loves seagulls. All of a sudden I felt a warm sensation on my face. Turns out that seagulls don’t like me and this particular seagull decided to have a number 2…on my left eye. Needless to say I was not impressed. Dieter had a little bit of an issue too. He nonchalantly walked into a pharmacy and loudly asked the pharmacists if they had chaffing cream. We could not control ourselves and had to leave before she could reply.


Chante and Dakota joined the African dancers on stage last night and showed us what they are made of. Go girls! Deniel proved to be our new playboy and got numbers from 5 different girls…give the rest of us a chance please, Deniel!

At breakfast this morning, Meegan fell off the breakfast couch, right into Cameron who then messed his coffee all over himself. Cue dramatic scenes.

Cameron was the highlight of our day yesterday. When the dancers were on stage he shouted “Ek kan nie see!” (who knows what he meant by that?). It was quite embarrassing for all of us. Cam then began to elaborate on his underwear problem. Apparently, if he buys the medium it’s too small and if he buys a large it’s too big. He wore the medium yesterday and was forced to run to the bathroom every 3 seconds.

It’s Day 3 of our tour and we’re still talking about Cameron and Dieter’s oral pleasure (read Cape Shenanigans if you don’t know what I’m talking about). To cap it all off, Chichi found her doppelgänger (lookalike) who goes by the name of Gigi.  Much like Chichi, Gigi is always hungry, sleepy and has no filter.

Until tomorrow…