So last night we went out for dinner. Amo and Loni forgot their cash at the hotel, so they were worried whether their cards were going to work. We cornered the waiter and told him that he must pretend that their payment transactions hadn’t gone through and to hand each of them an apron to wash dishes for an hour to “pay back the money!” The waiter went along with it but upon hearing his advice that they should go and wash dishes, Amo looked at him and said “that’s not my style”, then proceeded to leave the restaurant.
We could not go up table Mountain because of the poor weather so we decided to go and visit Camps Bay. While there, Amo and Loni engaged in one of their HOURLY photo shoots. There was a lot of posing, pouting and staring into the distance…and then Amo lost her spectacles. Nicole was so eager to get to Camps Bay that she slipped and fell out of the bus!
From there we went back to our ‘hood’, the V & A Waterfront. Cameron and Dieter found a store called “Lush” where they sell soaps. Cam and Dieter spotted that one of the bath bomb ‘testers’ was called ‘Oral Pleasure’. They were intrigued with ‘Oral Pleasure’ and decided to try some. I remind you that this is a soap shop. Our guys didn’t try some in a bath, but rather in their mouths! Dieter couldn’t breathe and Cameron couldn’t handle the fizzing of the bath bomb in his mouth. He then tried to get Clarice into the store and when she asked the store worker if they were edible, she replied with a short and sharp No! Cameron’s face was priceless!
Later on, Cameron was giving us lectures in German on how to pronounce “Hagen Dazs”, the name of the ice-cream company. He says the ‘G’ needs to sound like you have a rice crispy stuck in the back of your throat?? Cameron then moved on to eating Smelly Jelly Shoes from Cotton-On Kids. Who needs entertainment when Cameron is around?
We all went on the Cape wheel where Riley, Liam and Deniel tried to sway the cart to scare Clarice and Chichi. Much screaming was involved (we took video so we’ll show you when we get home). Once we were off the Cape Wheel we continued with our shopping. Deniel found a lonesome trolley, put Chichi in the trolley and then tried to drift around a corner with it, but ended up almost killing a guy. Cameron, Clarice, Chichi and Mr B went to Woolworths where they then lost Mr B. So they walked around screaming “Dobby!” People thought they were a bit strange! At the same time Mr B was looking for the people who were looking for him. He thought he had found Clarice and went up behind her screaming whaaaaaa! It turns out it was not Clarice at all, but a random woman! Hilarious!
Our other ‘posers’, Chante and Dakota stripped down to their bikinis on top of Signal Hill (as you do when you’re on Signal Hill) to get photos while it was 11 degrees…and then proceeded to get into sub zero sea water at Camps Bay. I the meantime Meegan was running around screaming “Lovies!” very loudly, who knows why? Cameron, never one to do anything unusual, was quite embarrassed.
As this busy day drew to a close Jarrod and Liam insisted that they had to go get pudding at a crazy hour, dragging Mr B along with them. Liam walked out of the store with 5 puddings and Jarrod walked out with none – go figure. Katherine, rushing to make the ladies room, sprawled in desperation into the wall, almost leaving an imprint of her face on the wall but leaving her arms grazed. She did make it to use the facilities in time so that was one positive.
Today’s highlight came from Mrs Andre. At some point during the day she was just about ready to hit a guy after her told her that she is spiteful. We don’t know the details of the altercation but we saw her getting her fist ready! The poor guy didn’t stand a chance.