Special Investigative Reporter, Clarice ‘Watts’ here, reporting for Cape Blanche on what has been an eventful 24 hours in the Cape thus far.

BESA has taken Cape Town by storm – so much so that some of our clan have seemingly become quite disorientated.


Dieter, upon arrival in his room, was quickly drawn to the ironing board stored in his cupboard. Not being familiar with ironing boards in general, he decided to investigate. It wasn’t long before the inevitable happened and he managed to drop the ironing board on his toe. Needless to say, he now has a rather large ‘knob’ on his toe.

If we were inclined to have a bet on which person would be first to lose an item, I’m sure most of us would have taken a bet on Cameron being the first. Sure enough, we received a message on our tour group chat: Cameron – “Just an update…I’ve lost my wallet (smiley face). Anyone happen to have or see it? (smiley face, grinning face).”  He seemed really worried about the whole thing. Fortunately Mr B had found his wallet and will now be the keeper of the wallet, which is a problem for Cameron in that ‘money-spender’ is his middle name.

We popped down to the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront for a spot of retail therapy. When on holiday (I mean school tour), it’s definitely a must. I just couldn’t resist buying a pair of Vans to add to my rather large collection. Maybe Mr B should keep my wallet as well?

Then it was on to lunch. We teenagers are never shy to indulge in some ‘scoffing’ but it was Chichi who set the tone for others to follow. Her outlet of choice was McDonald’s. Upon hearing her order, I wondered how many people she was ordering lunch for…items just kept being ordered. “One Big Tasty (it’s a huge burger), one large chips, one large Coke and two cheeseburgers, please.” To my surprise, Chichi carried the order to her table and began dominating each item one by one. I want to be like her when I am big.

We were rather excited when we were lucky enough to bump into our spirit animal while down at the harbour. A seal must be the spirit animal of almost every teenager, we’re sure that teachers and parents will agree, since they clap their hands, make loud noises and sleep a lot. I exclude myself from that analogy, of course.


Liam & Jarrod’s room has no hot water – Liam stood at the shower waiting for the water to warm up for about 5 minutes. We’re not sure whether he was naked at the time or not but he then claimed he had hypothermia. He went for a swim in the ocean at 5:30 this morning…probably the cause of your hypothermia right there, Liam!

We were looking forward to sunny day in Cape Town today since we were scheduled to visit Table Mountain and go for a hike. Sadly, we woke up to miserable weather. A little bad weather wasn’t enough to stop us, we are from Jo’burg after all. We are currently on our way to Table Mountain. Mr B has appointed himself as tour guide on the way up the mountain and promises to sing us a song later. That’s if he can even breathe laterIMG-20170810-WA0009

Table Mountain and its weather. Deniel seemed to be enjoying it nonetheless.

The highlight of the yesterday’s conversation came from the mouth of Cameron. He will clearly not be taking Geography next year because as we walked through duty free at Cape Town International Airport he said “Goodbye South Africa, hello Cape Town!”