We began the day with a fantastic breakfast at our hotel. You name it, they have it! It’s that good! Coco Pops, yoghurt, egg-fried rice, belgian waffles, flap-jacks, crispy-fried corn, omelettes and bacon were all on offer, along with so much else. We had our fill and rolled ourselves out into the main road and on our way to a very special and prestigious appointment.

At 10:00 we had a meeting at the South African Embassy in Bangkok. It took us the better part of an hour to make the short walk to the embassy due to the hustle and bustle of the Bangkok streets, filled with vehicles, scooters, people and pets. We saw a number of strange delicacies on the way along the streets, but that’s a story for another day.


We arrived at the South African Embassy at approximately 9:50. We were met by a well-spoken Thai gentleman who is employed at the embassy. We were shown into the board room and awaited our meeting with the Ambassador Robina Marks. Ms Marks spoke to us about the power we hold as South African ambassadors and the duty we have to uphold the values of our country at all times. Ms Marks shed light on the roles that South African ambassadors perform in the many countries in which they are situated. She may have inspired a few of us to follow in her shoes and become ambassadors in our own right one day.

The Embassy very kindly provided us with many South African branded items to hand out to visitors of our stand at the World Scholar’s Cup next week. We have banners and flags to display as well, which will make our stand highly visible and informative.


Once the formalities were completed we were treated to some ‘South African’ treats and drinks, which were very welcome after our exploits in making our way to the Embassy. We wish to extend our thanks to Ms Marks and her team for their hospitality and generosity in allowing us to visit and then providing us with items to promote our awesome country! We will do South Africa proud!

We made our way out of the Embassy and onto the high street once again, but this time in search of the nearest mall for a taste of Bangkok’s shopping experience. Upon stepping foot inside the first shopping mall, one of our ‘herd’ spotted a Starbucks! Without a word having to be said, we made our way to the Starbucks as if drawn magnetically in its direction. The Iced Frappucinos were ‘the business’ and went down with very much enjoyment!

The coffee was iced, the store was cool and Bangkok was hot! There was thus a need for us to pry ourselves away from the cool, air-conditioned store and continue moving, though we weren’t too enthused about it…until we got going that is.

Back on the high street, we moved along to the next shopping mall – led by Calem and Josh (who had a rough start to their navigation debut but by the end were leading us like old pros). After stopping in a small, rather too exclusive mall, we found a hip and happening market with stores laid out much like the Oriental Plaza in Johannesburg. Needless to say, we felt right at home. We split up into smaller groups for an hour so that we could explore at our own pace.

We concluded the afternoon by studying our material for the WSC next week. It isn’t too much fun having to study while visiting a foreign country but we are sure it will all be worth it when we ace the quizzes and debates next week.

Everybody is feeling very tired this evening, the jet lag and travel fatigue have caught up with most of us. It’ll be straight to bed and up relatively late tomorrow morning (8:30) for a visit to WSC Convention Centre for the registration for the World Scholar’s Cup. We’re edging nearer and nearer to the start.